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How can I load files and exit the program?

If you use the command line, 'vd' should pretty much work as you expect:

    $ vd foo.csv

You can pipe in tabular data:

    $ find | vd

If the file is not plain ASCII .txt or tsv, you will have to specify the filetype with -f and/or other options:

    $ ls -al | vd -f fixed --skip 1 --headers 0

Many data formats are supported, with more being added every day.

How do I quit?

You can just bang on 'q' until all the sheets are gone (there are usually only one or two anyway).

Note: If a prompt or editbox is waiting for input, you may have to press '^C' first.

It requires a bit more dexterity, but Control-Q (aka '^Q') will abort the program quite rudely.[1]

If you wish to be a bit gentler, 'gq' will quit all sheets ('global quit').

[1] Control-Q is the only builtin command (necessary sometimes during development). All other commands can be overridden.

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