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Creating sheets, rows and columns

How to configure the cursor to move right after a successful edit

  1. Press Shift+O to enter the global options menu.
  2. Type r followed by cmd to move the cursor to the cmd_after_edit option.
  3. Press Enter to edit the option, and type go-right. Press Enter to save the option.


  1. To have the change persist, add the following line to the .visidatarc.


How to set up a sheet for data collection

  1. Type Shift+A followed by a number to open a new blank sheet with that many columns.
  2. Press

    a. a to add one blank row.


    b. ga followed by a number to add that many blank rows.

  3. Edit the cells in any row to contain the column names.
  4. While the cursor is on that row, press g^ to set the header for each column with the contents of the row.
  5. Press d to remove that row.

How to add a new blank column

  1. Press

    a. za to add one blank column.


    b. gza followed by a number to add that many blank columns.

How to fill a column with a range of numbers

  1. Optional: Use s or t to select a subset of rows to fill.
  2. Move the cursor to the column.
  3. Type gz= followed by range(n) to set selected rows in that column to the results of an iterator expression. In this case, the range of numbers from 1 to n.

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