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How can I move around and search?

  • basic movement just like vim
    • 'G' 'gg' '^G' work as in vim, as do some of the 'z' scroll commands
  • 'g' prefix goes all the way . 'gh' (or g Left) already goes to the first column, but maybe '0' should also.
  • (call out no number prefix?)
  • '/' and '?' search for regex, 'n' and 'N' continue. These should work just like in vim but only within a single column.
    • 'g' searches across all columns
  • 'zr'/'zc' go to a specific row or column by number
  • 'r' and 'c' go by row key or column name

i - 'g' and 'z' are also command prefixes in vd, but in vd they generally means something like 'g'lobal/embi'g'gen and 'z'croll/'z'mallify.

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