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Combining datasets

How to join two datasets

  1. Open the datasets in VisiData.

    a. vd d1.tsv d2.tsv


    b. Press o and enter a filepath for each file.

  2. Press S to open up the Sheets Sheet. Through here, you can navigate to every sheet by pressing Enter on the row it is referenced in.

  3. Navigate to the sheets you want the join, and set their shared columns as key columns with !.

  4. Press S to return to the Sheets sheet. Select the sheets you want to merge with s.

  5. Optional: If performing a left outer join, use Shift+J or Shift+K to reorder the sheets. The first sheet will be the one for whom all rows will be retained.

  6. Type & to open the join-chooser, and select your desired jointype with Enter.

jointype description
inner keeps only rows which match keys on all sheets
outer keeps all rows from first selected sheet
full keeps all rows from all sheets (union)
diff keeps only rows NOT in all sheets
extend keeps all rows and retain SheetType from first selected sheet
merge Merges differences from other sheets into first sheet

How to append two datasets

  1. Open the datasets with VisiData.
  2. Press Shift+S to open the Sheets sheet.
  3. Use s or t to select the sheets to merge.
  4. Type & and press Enter on append to concatenate the selected datasets.

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