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Split view

Viewing two sheets simultaneously

VisiData supports the viewing of two sheets simultaneously with a feature called split screen.

Entering split screen mode

Keystroke(s) Action
Shift+Z split screen in half, placing second sheet on stack visibly in the second pane
z Shift+Z n split screen, setting the height of the second screen to n

When there is a single pane, all currently-open sheets are situated within the same sheets stack. The more recent that sheet was viewed, the higher it is in the stack.

Split-pane opens a second window, and creates a second stack for it. This keeps the sheet stably within a specific window.

For instance, pressing Shift+C on the sample.tsv will give us a stack with two columns, the sample Sheet and its Columns Sheet.


Pressing Shift+Z will now give us a view of them both, with the sample Sheet moved to the second window.


Split screen mode specific commands

While in split screen mode, you can move between windows, adjust the sheets that appear in the current window, and full-screen the current pane.

Keystroke(s) Action
z Shift+Z n adjust the height of the second window to n
g Shift+Z full screen the current window
Tab make the other window the active window
Ctrl+^ swap top two sheets in stack in current window, second sheet in stack is now visible
g Ctrl+^ cycle through sheets in stack in current window

For instance, we can use Tab to make the sample Sheet the active window.


Moving around it, we can see the Columns Sheet in the top window continuing to be updated.

We can press Shift+F on the Item column to view its Frequency Table.

Now, the visible sheet of the second window has changed, while the visible sheet on the top window has stayed the same.


We can use ^^, so that sample Sheet is once again visible, and full-screen it with g Shift+Z, effectively leaving split screen mode.


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