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STDOUT pipe/redirect

Visdata is pipe-friendly, it works well with other tools in a pipeline. Visidata can interactively filter stdin, and save the results to stdout.

Visdata is more convenient than standard Unix filtering commands because it allows interactive edits in the middle of a pipeline. Visidata shines over other pickers like fzf with the ability to select lines based on values other than the name of the items being selected. Visidata understands numeric, date, currency, and custom values. Visidata can sort by file size, sort processes by memory usage, or last modification times. By first sorting or filtering by this metadata, you can more easily find what file(s) or process(es) you want to choose.

  • Use it to manually update (sort, filter, edit) tabular data in a pipeline `mysql < query.sql | vd | awk 'awkity {awk}'
  • Use it to interactively pick processes to kill ps -ef | vd | tail -n +2 | xargs --no-run-if-empty kill

When redirecting VisiData output:

  • Ctrl+Q will output current sheet (as it quits with the top sheet still on the stack)
  • q (or gq) will output nothing (as it quits by dropping all sheets from the stack)

Use vd -o- to send directly to the terminal when not redirecting stdout (it's not necessary if already redirected).

To output a single column without the column header, make sure only that column is visible and save as .txt. For example, vd . --save-filetype txt | lpr.

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