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stdin/stdout pipe/redirect

VisiData works with other tools in a pipeline. VisiData will read any piped input from stdin as a sheet, and save the results of any remaining sheets to stdout Visdata allows interactive edits in the middle of a pipeline.

  • Use it to manually update (sort, filter, edit) tabular data in a pipeline `mysql < query.sql | vd | awk 'awkity {awk}'
  • Use it to interactively pick processes to kill ps -ef | vd | tail -n +2 | xargs --no-run-if-empty kill

When redirecting VisiData output:

  • Ctrl+Q will output current sheet (as it quits with the top sheet still on the stack)
  • q (or gq) will output nothing (as it quits by dropping all sheets from the stack)

Use vd -o- to send directly to the terminal when not redirecting stdout (it's not necessary if already redirected).

To output a single column without the column header, make sure only that column is visible and save as .txt. For example, vd . --save-filetype txt | lpr.

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