How to rapidly scroll through a sheet

Command(s) Operation
move as expected
h j k l move cursor one cell left/down/up/right (like in vim)
gh gj gk gl move all the way to the left/bottom/top/right of sheet
< > move up/down the current column to the next value which differs from current cell
{ } move up/down the current column to the next selected row

How to search within a sheet

Command(s) Operation
/ ? regex search for regex matches up/down the current column
g/ g? regex search for regex matches up/down over all visible columns
n N move to next/previous regex match from last search
z/ z? expr search by Python expr up/down (with column names as variables)

The following example uses sample.tsv.

Question Has there been a day where we sold more than 95 Items?

  1. Scroll to the Units column. Set the type of the Units column by pressing # (int).
  2. Type z/ followed by Units > 95.

Question What is the longname for gk?

  1. Press z^H to open the Commands sheet.
  2. Type / followed by 'gk' in keystrokes.
  3. Press c followed by longname to move the cursor to the longname column.

How to move between sheets

Jumping to sheets
  1. Press S to open the Sheets sheet.
  2. Move the cursor to the row containing the desired sheet.
  3. Press Enter to jump to the sheet referenced in that current cursor row.
Jumping away from sheets
Command(s) Operation
Ctrl+^ jump to the previous sheet, without closing the current one
q quit the current sheet (closes it)

Note: When sheets are 'closed', they are no longer referenced by the Sheets sheet. Press gS to find them again through the Sheets graveyard.