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Introducing VisiData Plus

Make your data work easy.

Built on the mindblowing open-source supertool VisiData, VisiData Plus includes integrations for the most common data sources you'll come across in your daily work.

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VisiData makes it ridiculously easy to explore, transform, and convert data from many different file formats.

VisiData Plus expands that power to many online data sources, with new sources being added all the time.

Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) has never been easier.

When you just need to see your data, VisiData will show it to you.

Google Sheets

Load an existing sheet and save a new sheet.

Google Drive

Browse files, delete files, and load files into VisiData.


Load an existing table from a base and edit or add records.

Open Source



VisiData is Free and Open-Source and always will be.

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USD / Month

Use VisiData to connect with other online data sources.

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USD / Month

For maximal convenience; including pre-configured API keys (when possible) and priority support.

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