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By Saul Pwanson

v2.11 (2023-01-15)

Hi, friends of VisiData!

I’m happy to announce a new maintenance release 2.11. This will be the last release before some big, exciting changes introduced in 3.0. If no significant issues come up in the next couple of weeks, this will be packaged and released for Debian.

The most significant change is that VisiData 2.11 drops support for Python 3.6 and adds support for Python 3.11.

2.11 also includes several other small improvements and bug fixes, of which I’ll highlight two:

  • dup-sheet now carries over attributes of columns added by add-column (helpful!)
  • We added a new "concat" jointype. This behaves similar to "append", but keeps first sheet type and columns. This isn't the final word on this, but it addresses a particular usecase that seems important to include.

Please see the CHANGELOG for the full list of changes.

Learn how to update your VisiData installation here.

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