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Hanukkah of Data Wrap-up

By Saul Pwanson

It was a lot of fun, and now Hanukkah of Data has finished.
We hope you enjoyed the eight nights of puzzles!

It's made me so happy to see people sharing their experiences (warning: spoilers):

I’d love to hear about your experience too (and particularly if you played most of the puzzles).
Drop by and let us know your favorite (and most frustrating!) puzzles.

Puzzling Visitors

According to our GoatCounter webstats, the total views for the puzzles over Hanukkah were approximately:

  • Intro - 2000
  • Puzzle 1 - 1000
  • Puzzle 2 - 500
  • Puzzle 3 - 350
  • Puzzle 4 - 350
  • Puzzle 5 - 200
  • Puzzle 6 - 180
  • Puzzle 7 - 150
  • Puzzle 8 - 100
  • Epilogue - 50

So if you solved all the puzzles, congratulations, you're in the top 5% of players!

If you haven't solved them all yet, don't worry, you can take your time.

What’s next?

Since the holiday and event are now over, new players won't have to wait for each puzzle to be released: once the shamash is lit, all puzzles are immediately available.
We intend to continue hosting these puzzles for the foreseeable future, so you can keep trying to solve them and reveal Noah's beautiful tapestry.

So you can invite your friends, classmates, students, coworkers, parents, etc to solve them alongside you.

In the coming months, we may improve and tweak the puzzles, which may require generating new versions of the dataset--and so the answers and clues will be different!
If this happens we'll reset puzzle 0 so if you come back you know you have to download the new dataset (but you shouldn't have to redo other puzzles you've solved).

[If you haven't seen the entire tapestry yet and don't feel like solving the puzzles, you might want to try hacking it (maybe poke around in the Javascript console a bit).]

As for the devottys, there are already rumblings of future data games--which may not even be related to Hanukkah!
Maybe I'll finally put together a script for "Where in the Data is Carmen Sanmateo?"

Thanks to everyone who made this happen!

A lot of people contributed their time and energy to making Hanukkah of Data a delightful suite of puzzles and a fun event! Many thanks to the devottys, our consulting advisors, and our beta testers, who made this Hanukkah of Data the best it can be.

Signing Off

There's more in store for 2023, so I hope you'll subscribe to our newsletter to get notified of future data games and other devottys happenings! But for now, this is a wrap for Hanukkah of Data 2022/5783.

Happy holidays!

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