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By Saul Pwanson

v2.7 (2021-11-14)

VisiData v2.7: new loaders - odf and lsv

A bunch of improvements, bugfixes, and a couple of new loaders.


  • [movement] bind Home/End to go-top/go-bottom (thanks @geekscrapy #1161
  • [api] add vd.urlcache as alias for urlcache global (thanks @geekscrapy for PR #1164)
  • [plugins] do not continue installation if main package fails pip install (thanks @geekscrapy for PR #1194)
  • [plugins] allow for plugin records without SHA256; warn if absent (thanks @geekscrapy for PR #1183)
  • [load_lazy] do not load subsheets, if sheet.options.load_lazy is True (thanks @geekscrapy for PR #1193)
  • [save] confirm when save_foo function does not exist and saver fallsback to options.save_filetype (reported by @geekscrapy #1180)
  • [save] options.save_filetype default now 'tsv'
  • several cosmetic improvements


  • [lsv] add lsv filetype for simple awk-like records (requested by @fourjay #1179)
  • [ods] add odf filetype for Open Document Format spreadsheets
  • [xlsx] add extra columns (cellobject, fontcolor, fillcolor) if options.xlsx_meta_columns (default False) (thanks @hoclun-rigsep for PR #1098)
  • [sqlite] allow query/insert (no modify/delete yet) for WITHOUT ROWID tables (requested by @stephancb #1111)


  • [savers compression formats] fix corruption when saving to compression formats (#1159)
  • fix "ModuleNotFoundError: no module named 'plugins'" error on startup (#1131 #1152)
  • [windows] fix issue with Enter key on Windows (reported by @hossam-houssien #1154)
  • [draw] fix multiline rows by making height fixed for all rows (reported by @geekscrapy #916)
  • [DirSheet] fix bug where fix key column sheets (e.g. DirSheet, SqliteIndexSheet) keycols were not being saved in batchmode (reported by @geekscrapy #1181)
  • [async] make sure all threads started on sheet are cancelable (reported by @geekscrapy #1136)
  • [AttrDict] fix bug with setting value on nested AttrDict
  • [dup-X-deep] fix error with async_deepcopy (thanks @pstuifzand for fix)
  • [join] fix 'inconsistent-keys' issue when joining between XlsxSheet with typed columns and CsvSheet with untyped columns (reported by @davidwales #1124)
  • [sqlite] handle sqlite column names with spaces (thanks @davidskeck for PR #1157)
  • [sqlite] use options.encoding and options.encoding_errors for decoding of sqlite db text (reported by @WesleyAC #1156)
  • [xlsx] add handling for EmptyCell instances (thanks @hoclun-rigsep for PR #1121)
  • [xlsx] gate sheet name cleaning on options.clean_names (reported by @davidwales #1122)
  • [macos] fix bindings for Option+key
  • [random-rows] fix import (reported by @geekscrapy #1162)
  • [save-selected] better default save filename (reported by @geekscrapy #1180)
  • [save] fix bug where saving multiple sheets to a single non-embeddable format did not result in fail (reported by @geekscrapy #1180)
  • [slide] fix Shift slide-down and Shift slide-up with arrow keys (reported by @a-y-u-s-h #1137)
  • [replay] fix replay where join-sheets operation hangs (reported by @agjohnson #1141)
  • [undo] no more KeyError when Undoing modifications (reported by @geekscrapy #1133)
  • [unfurl-col] fix unfurl-col on cells containing exceptions (reported by @jsvine #1171)

Happy VisiDatin'!

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