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By Saul Pwanson

v2.4 (2021-04-11)

This release, hot on the heels of the 2.3 release last week, is primarily to address some bugs that were found in 2.3.
Originally it was slated to be a patch release (2.3.1), but the removal of options.use_default_colors with the fix for #939 and the semantics of splitwindow felt sufficient to warrant a minor version bump, and so we tossed the few other improvements that were sitting on the develop branch.


  • [color] remove options.use_default_colors (thanks @lxcode #939)

    • options.color_default can now have both fg and bg
    • other color options which do not specify fg or bg will use the missing component from color_default
    • to use terminal default colors, set options.color_default=""
  • [splitwindow] stabilize sheet stack associations

    • Shift+Z pushes 'under sheet' (if any) onto other stack
    • Shift+Z does not swap panes anymore
    • g Tab changes which stack is in the top vs bottom panes
    • options.disp_splitwin_pct cannot be sheet-specific
  • [status] show nSelectedRows on rstatus


  • [pyobj-show-hidden] grab visibility lvl from sheet specific option (thanks @frosencrantz #947)
  • [splitwin] prevent flickering-on-full-window
  • [splitwin] if top sheet quit, keep bottom sheet in bottom pane

Loader specific bugfixes

  • [gzip] fix progress bar when opening gzip (thanks @geekscrapy #925)
  • [http] fix loading files from url without specifying filetype
  • [sqlite] use TABLE_XINFO for hidden/virtual columns (thanks @dotcs #945)
  • [sqlite] reload perf: load without pre-counting rows (which required 2nd full table scan)
  • [vds] save typed values instead of formatted display values (thanks @frosencrantz #885)
  • [xlsx] stringify "header" row values for column names (thanks @davidwales #921)

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