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By Saul Pwanson

v2.3 (2021-04-04)

This release adds a memory sheet and improves on several other features. Major changes are listed below. Please see the CHANGELOG for the full list of changes.

  1. Memory sheet, for recording values usable in expressions. View the memory sheet with open-memory (Alt+Shift+M), add current cell with Alt+M, add single aggregated value with z+. Also reference the current clipboard value as clipval. #912

  2. The split pane feature has been revamped. Now there is one sheet stack per pane, and sheets do not jump between panes. New sheets open in the current pane. Send the current sheet to the other pane with Shift+Z (same command as invoking splitpane in the first place). Ctrl+^ swaps sheets in the current pane. See the pane column on the Sheets Sheet (pane 0 means "not on any sheet stack", i.e. it's been quit). #894

  3. Colors now may have a background color in addition to the fg color and attributes. Add e.g. "on blue" or "on 214" to a color to set the background color. There is still the (curses) limit of 256 active colors shown at one time. (This is one of several changes in 2.3 necessary to use the new darkdraw plugin.) #435

  4. minor additions

  • new command: jump-first (bound to g Ctrl+^) to push the bottom sheet (used repeatedly will cycle through sheets in the current pane).
  • Ctrl+X within Ctrl+X (pyobj-expr) drops into a Python REPL.
  1. changes to options and commands
  • options.use_default_colors now defaults to True (was False).
  • delete commands no longer move deleted values to clipboard #895
  • zd and gzd (delete-cells) set the value to options.null_value instead of always using None.

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