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By Saul Pwanson

v2.1.1 (2021-01-03)

This release may be a small one, but it contains a handful of meaningful bugfixes that we wanted to get out the door.

Happy New Year, everyone!

  • [macros] allow macro interfaces to be longnames (thanks @frosencrantz #787)
  • [save] better default save filename for url sheets (thanks @geekscrapy #824)


  • [cmdlog] record column, sheet, and row info for open-cell
  • [cmdlog] catch case of 'override' sheet for set-option
  • [expr-col] curcol now works for multiple invocations (thanks @geekscrapy #659)
  • [loaders postgres] account for postgres_schema when rendering Postgres tables (thanks @jdormit for PR #852)
  • [loaders url] fail unknown URL scheme (thanks @geekscrapy for PR #84)
  • [pyobj] fix Pyobj Sheets for lists (thanks @brookskindle #843)
  • [pipe] handle broken pipes gracefully (thanks @robdmc #851)
  • [scroll] fix issue with jagged scrolling down (thanks @uoee #832)
  • [sort] fix bug where total progress in sorting is (100 * # of columns to sort) (thanks @cwarden)

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