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New Features in 2.-3: repeat-last and repeat-input

By Saul Pwanson

Onto the develop branch, we have pushed two new commands: repeat-last and repeat-input.

These commands had been originally requested on the #visidata IRC channel. The design spec was then transcribed onto issue #441.

The aim was to have something spiritually similar vim's . (dot) command.

repeat-input runs the previous command, along with any previous input to that command. repeat-last runs the most recent command with an empty, queried input.

For the moment, they are unbound. To use any command with its longname, press SPACE followed by the longname. For example: SPACE repeat-last.

To bind the commands to your preferential keystroke (the following example uses .), add to your ~/.visidatarc`:

Sheet.bindkey('.', 'repeat-input')
Sheet.bindkey('z.', 'repeat-last')

Or to take advantage of a currently unused keybinding:

Sheet.bindkey(ALT + 'r', 'repeat-input')
Sheet.bindkey('z' + ALT + 'r', 'repeat-last')

As always, the features on develop are experimental. If you do use them, please let us know how you feel about them! Post an issue on Github, share a tweet, or stop by for a chat in freenode #visidata.

[written by Anja Boskovic 2020-02-09]

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