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'VisiData is like duct tape for your data', an interview with Saul

By Anja Boskovic

Saul was recently interviewed on The Changelog podcast!

The Changelog 394: VisiData is like duct tape for your data

It also has a written transcript available.

This is a very wide-ranging interview. The first quarter covers his discovery of an egregious case of crossword plagiarism. If you want more, you can additionally check out How A File Format Led To a Crossword Scandal, the talk he gave at csv,conf in 2019.

Next, he talked about our collaboration in creating the biograph framework for our own personal histomaps.

In the second half, he talks about the side-effects of offering VisiData as a gift to the world. Open-sourcing software involves much more than just posting your code to a GitHub repository. There are insecurities, cultural practices, and responsibilities that come with it.

I hope you enjoy the interview! I really did.

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