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By Saul Pwanson

For the most part, this is a bugfix release. A few other improvements are here as well:

  1. Basic plugin support

    • ~/.visidata added to sys.path on startup
    • copy plugin to e.g. ~/.visidata/
    • add import vdfoo to .visidatarc to activate
  2. Error saving

    • for tsv and json, errors are saved as options.safe_error string (default #ERR)
    • if that option is an empty string, error message is saved instead
  3. Mouse improvements

    • click now moves to column also
    • right-click to edit cell, rename column, or rename sheet, depending on where clicked.
  4. xls/xlsx loaders now use options.header to determine number of rows used to set column names (default is 1).

See the CHANGELOG for a more complete list of bugfixes and changes.

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