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By Saul Pwanson

v1.2 (2018-05-03)

Here are the major feature enhancements for v1.2. Please see the CHANGELOG for the complete list.

Major features

  • DirSheet enhancements (modify file metadata, move/delete files)
  • multisave (single file multisave to html, md, and txt format, or into a directory for other formats)
  • prototype macro system with z^S on the commandlog
  • New conda package

New commands and options

  • T to push derived sheet with transposed rows/columns
  • zs/zt/zu to select/unselect/toggle rows from top of sheet to cursor (thanks @SteveJSteiner for the suggestion)
  • gzs/gzt/gzu to select/unselect/toggle rows from bottom to cursor
  • gv to unhide all columns
  • gM to melt into multiple value columns
  • g* to transform selected rows in place
  • z</`z>' to move up/down to next null cell
  • ^A to execute a command by its longname
  • gD to open the directory at options.visidata_dir (default ~/.visidata)


  • options.cmdlog_histfile to specify a file to auto-append commandlog to (default empty means disabled)
  • options.tsv_safe_char to replace tabs and newlines when writing .tsv format (default empty means disabled, for faster saving)
  • options.error_is_null to count errors as null (default false)

New supported formats and sources

  • sas7bda (SAS; requires sas7bdat)
  • xpt (SAS; requires xport)
  • sav (SPSS; requires savReaderWriter)
  • dta (Stata; requires pandas)
  • bz2 and xz (LZMA) compression (thanks @jpgrayson)

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