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By Saul Pwanson

v1.0 (2018-01-25)

VisiData 1.0 has been officially released! Changes since the 0.99 release candidate:

  • a complete overhaul of the website and documentation;
  • a 2x across-the-board performance improvement for async threads (from disabling profiling by default);
  • removed support for .visidatarc in the current directory and via XDG; only $HOME/.visidatarc is used now;
  • many bugfixes, both functional and cosmetic;
  • removed the "visidata[full]" package from PyPI;
  • a homebrew package (so you can now do brew install saulpw/vd/visidata on MacOS), and an apt package that is under review for inclusion in Debian.

This is a huge milestone for VisiData. I devoted my sabbatical (the entire year of 2017) to creating an open-source tool that would be useful for myself and other terminal users, and it was very important for me to release a stable and lasting 1.0 so that it could be set aside when I resumed working.

We could have gotten away without certain features and with fewer supported formats, but there is such breadth and depth included in 1.0 (as shown by demos like this one at the PyCascades 2018 conference), that I'm hard-pressed to choose which features should have been omitted.

I owe a great deal to many people who have helped and supported me through this process. VisiData would not be what it is without them.
The list of contributors includes everyone who has submitted to the repository, but there are some other groups to whom VisiData and I are eternally indebted:

  • the Recurse Center, for maintaining an awesome space and incredibly supportive community that I am lucky to have become a part of;
  • Office Nomads, my local co-working space where I could work without turning into Jack Torrance;
  • and the Python community, for creating such a broadly useful language and ecosystem, without which VisiData would not be nearly as powerful.

Finally, a very special thanks to Anja for her incredible help in putting together the website, documentation, tests, and various releases.

Share and enjoy!

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