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VisiData Case Study #2: save selected cities from a csv in json format

By Saul Pwanson

[originally published as TinyLetter #9]


The next installment of the VisiData video series is here! This time, a member of my co-working space had asked if I could create a bubble map of cities from a few particular counties.

It was pretty straightforward to do this with Google Maps and a bit of Javascript, but then I had to get the location and population data for 50 cities into json format. Normally this would require a small script and 20 minutes of trial and error, but fortunately, there is VisiData, and I was able to get this done in only a couple of minutes. Besides being a lot faster, it's also a lot more fun to play with data this way!

So here's the video that explains the process:

This video shows how to group rows by multiple columns, and then select rows from particular groups, to be saved into a .json file.

If you have a data task that you'd like to do with VisiData, but aren't exactly sure of the best way to do it, send me an email! There's probably a reasonably easy way to make it happen, and I'd love to help make your data life easier.


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