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VisiData 1.0 official release!

By Saul Pwanson

[originally published as TinyLetter #6]

Hello again VisiData enthusiasts,

VisiData 1.0 has been officially released! The full release notes (including changelog) can be found at

The biggest part of this release is the redesigned and reorganized website, at I would love it if you would take a few minutes to fill out a quick survey at and tell me how you use VisiData and what other features you might want to have.

This is a huge milestone for VisiData. I devoted my sabbatical (the entire year of 2017) to creating an open-source tool that would be useful for myself and other terminal users, and it was very important for me to release a stable and lasting 1.0 so that it could be set aside when I resumed working.

We could have gotten away without certain features and with fewer supported formats, but there is such breadth and depth included in 1.0 (as shown by demos like this one at the PyCascades 2018 conference:, that I'm hard-pressed to choose which features should have been omitted.

Now that 1.0 has been released, I would especially love to hear from you. If nothing else, send a quick email to and let me know that you're using it!

Happy VisiDating,

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