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Version 1.3.1 released; is this the last TinyLetter?

By Saul Pwanson

[originally published as TinyLetter #15]

Hello VisiDaters!

The past few months since v1.2 have been a whirlwind. We've completely reworked the commands and options, created a new keyboard layouts page, and added some new power features. For full details, please see the release notes for v1.3.

This was a particularly intense release because it involved substantial changes to the underlying architecture. We have already sent out a patch for the most pressing issues and are now heading towards a v1.3.2 release, since we've found and fixed a couple more bugs since then.

The plan is to release v1.3.2 in a couple weeks. Due to the scope of the next batch of planned features, along with me transitioning to a new job starting next month, the next release may not be for quite awhile. So please give v1.3.1 your diligent attention, and if you notice and bugs or nagging issues, let us know by filing an issue and we'll do our best to fix them for 1.3.2 so that our collective VisiData experience is maximally awesome.

Finally, I'm thinking of retiring this TinyLetter. I've been sending these letters for about a year now, and this kind of 'marketing' output is draining for me and does not seem to provide any clear benefit. (Does anyone get any value from these letters? I don't get responses to my requests for feedback so I have no way of knowing.) If anyone wants to help out with crafting these monthly updates (or posting tidbits to twitter, or reddit, or whatever), that would be very welcome! Otherwise we'll just drop it and hopefully our other channels (github releases, website, maybe twitter) will be sufficient to notify people of the goings-on.

VisiData your heart out!


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