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VisiData: Video #6 (Big Melt); keyboard cheatsheet; the Great Renaming

By Saul Pwanson

[originally published as TinyLetter #13]

Been awhile since I rapped at ya! I started a job last week, so I'm going to keep this short, but I wanted to let you know about a few things:

  1. Video #6 is out, and this time it's all about Big Melt ('gM'), a variant of Melt ('M') that was added to 1.2:

  1. As we're talking about adding an 'undo' command and which key to put it on, Daniel E. (@deinspanjer) had the great idea to make a keyboard cheatsheet. If you're interested in following the discussion, here it is:

  1. Finally, the longnames are going to be renamed in v1.3, probably to what will become their final home. These are what will appear in the cmdlog (instead of keystrokes), and used for keybindings, macros, etc. If anyone is interested in reviewing these names for intuitive conceptual integrity, please email me! I'd love to have some more eyes on this endeavor.

Happy Summer VisiDating,

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