About the Author

My name is Saul Pwanson and I'm a software architect and amateur data sleuth. I live in Seattle but the terminal is my home.

I am building an ecosystem of textpunk powertools. If you love the design of VisiData, send me an email; or you can support me on Patreon directly.

Share and enjoy!


Thanks also to the following people for their contributions, whether in code, prose, design, evangelism, community, or cold hard cash:


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patron since
Mike E. 2018-10
Tara H. 2018-11
Andrea B. 2018-12
Michael T. 2018-12
Paul M. 2018-12
Walrus P-H 2019-01
Mojit M. 2019-01
Sotiris F. 2019-02
Lucas M. 2019-02
James R. 2019-02
Tim T. 2019-02
Wouter v. 2019-02
Russell 2019-03
Christian W. 2019-03
Nic W. 2019-08
John G. 2019-09
Anja K. 2019-09
AJ K. 2019-10
Alex V. 2019-11
Totò F. 2019-12
Tiago T. 2020-02-01


author github contribution
AJ Kerrigan ajkerrigan improvements to various VisiData internals
Andrea Borruso aborruso italian tutorial
azjps azjps pandas improvements
Chocolateboy chocolateboy clipboard; list aggr; json sort keys
Daniel Einspanjer deinspanjer kblayout, favicon
David Branner databranner docs
Elias Dorneles eliasdorneles svg
James Routley jamesroutley option name design
Jan Hermann azag0 -f filetype
Jeff Arn repjarms website
Jeremy Singer-Vine jsvine english tutorial
John Kiely jkiely yaml
Kate Murphy Katee search feel
Keith Hughitt khughitt .gz support; options.disp_float_fmt
Kovas Palunas kovasap sys clipboard paste
Lucas Messenger layertwo pcapng; .jira; open .tar; sparkline
Paul O'Leary McCann polm bugfix wide chars
Peter Grayson jpgrayson .bz2 and .xz
Rob Carrington robcarrington yaml
Rasmus Scholer scholer windows-compatibility
Stefan Siegel ssiegel bugfix
Thomas Sibley tsibley options.encoding usage
Trent Gill trentgill picked great colors
Vivian Brown vbrown608 various; pcap